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For many years we have been asked if we can provide a service for businesses with smaller debts.  Whilst this might seem a simple request, it is one filled with a number of logistical issues.

 Collect-A-Debt ™  | PRMS Ltd

Collect-A-Debt ™  | PRMS Ltd

Smaller debts are notorius for their challenging nature and their ability to end up being disproportionate in terms of time versus rewards, hence the reason why many companies shy away from this type of work.

However, a long-standing client of ours has been asking if with the expansion of our business whetherwe were going to forget about our long-standing clients with multiple debts but of a smaller nature.

In order to solve thatproblem we have decided tocreate the   Collect-A-Debt ™ ©Service to allow us, for a nominal fe,e tocollect your debt by courier and have it whisked to our offices where we can begin work at the earliest opportunity.

This isn't a Premium Service it is a Convenience Service and allows busy Credit Controllers to dispatch overdue accounts quickly. As always there are Terms & Conditions and a few caveats. This service is not for disputed debts; we want can't pays as opposed to won't pays. This service also relies heavily on any client providing all the documents required to complete their case.