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PRMS Ltd provides Ethical Debt Recovery™, Ethical Debt Collection™, Credit Control & Cash Flow Management Consultancy Services™ to businesses all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

Ethical Debt Recovery

  Ethical Debt Recovery | Red Traffic Light |  PRMS Ltd

 Ethical Debt Recovery | Red Traffic Light |  PRMS Ltd

Status: Red Traffic Light

Remedy: Short Term Strategy

“The activity of making individuals and businesses pay debts, usually ones that they have not paid on time or that they are refusing to pay.”               

When most businesses hit a rough patch it is usually acknowledged by Senior Management seeking the services of a Debt Recovery or Debt Collection professional.  Whilst this has to be applauded it is usually the first sign of a bigger problem within the business and one that is a “clear and present danger” as to the survival of the business and any progress that can be made in growing the business.

Services: Litigation Services - Enforcement of Judgments - Statutory Demands - Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Benefits: Cost-effective and successful management of short–term debt problems.