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PRMS Ltd provides Ethical Debt Recovery™, Ethical Debt Collection™, Credit Control & Cash Flow Management Consultancy Services™ to businesses all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

Message From The Managing Director

PRMS Limited was founded in 2002 in order to bring quality cost-effective debt recovery, credit control & cash flow management consultancy to the UK and beyond.

  Clayton M Coke | Founder & Managing Director | PRMS

 Clayton M Coke | Founder & Managing Director | PRMS

In a relatively short period PRMS has established itself at the forefront of debt recovery, credit control & cash flow management consultancy by providing their clients with business-appropriate solutions to their financial & business challenges.

PRMS have introduced Ethical Debt Recovery™, Cash Flow Management Consultancy™, PRMS Money Back Guarantee™ and the 3-Tiered Money Traffic Light System™  to progress cases in a forward thinking and professional manner and in so doing, have changed the way companies deal with cash flow in their businesses.

We have found that education has a big part to play in changing people’s perception of debtto help guide companies in how they can helptheir businesses to avoid becoming victims of poor cash flowmanagement.

Our seminars and workshops which started in 2010 are always well attended and are lively and informative forums where businesses can exchange ideas, pick up tips and learn from PRMS and each other.

In early 2016, PRMS introduced their PRMS Training Packages™ for all levels of businessas well as our Collect-A-Debt™ service to facilitate the recovery of smaller debts. We also made a concerted effort for businesses to have the option of being able to purchase our services at the click of a button via our PRMS Online Services

Like any business we are always pleased to hear from clients new and established and are always pleased to assist in any way we canto grow your business.

Whatever means of communication you use, PRMS will always put your business first.

We are always pleased to hear from you andare looking forward to assisting you in the journey to better cash flow and bigger profit.

Kind regards

Clayton M Coke

Founder& Managing Director