SME & Professional Services Specialists

We are a socially responsible, Ethical Debt Recovery™ and Business Debt Prevention™ company based in the City of London. We specialise in business-to-business training solutions, collections & recovery for Professional Services companies as well as SME Businesses with a turnover of up to £50 million, based anywhere in the UK.

PRMS Ltd | Annual Networking Events

In business it can often seem as if everyone just wants to "take" from a situation and give nothing in return.

Each year we use our Annual Networking Event as an opportunity to do three things:

  1. Thank our clients for instructing us
  2. Meet with prospective clients who may only know us via Social Media
  3. Introduce our extended business network and give everyone the opportuity to meet, enjoy a drink and to refer business to each other.

It is our way of "giving back" showing our appreciation and sharing our good fortune.

It is a relaxed yet productive atmosphere which appeals to established networkers without intimdating newcomers. We are now in our third year and the events are going from strength-to-strength and hope to see you at one of our events in the very near future.