SME & Professional Services Specialists

We are a socially responsible, Ethical Debt Recovery™ and Business Debt Prevention™ company based in the City of London. We specialise in business-to-business training solutions, collections & recovery for Professional Services companies as well as SME Businesses with a turnover of up to £50 million, based anywhere in the UK.

PRMS now has a local number near you.

PRMS now has a local number near you.

UK Local Numbers

When attending events we are always asked what geographical areas we cover and in truth there isn't much on this planet that we don't have access to, but in our quest to make things easier (at least for our UK clients)  we can now be contacted locally via 10 major UK cities so there is always a PRMS office,  close to where you do business.

01213 395 980 – Birmingham

01138 715 888 – Leeds

01144 055 788 – Sheffield

01617265808 - Manchester

01515425020 - Liverpool

01914 704 400 – Newcastle

02921 175 188 – Cardiff

01412 915 980 – Glasgow

02895 575 988 – Belfast