SME & Professional Services Specialists

We are a socially responsible, Ethical Debt Recovery™ and Business Debt Prevention™ company based in the City of London. We specialise in business-to-business training solutions, collections & recovery for Professional Services companies as well as SME Businesses with a turnover of up to £50 million, based anywhere in the UK.


I am really pleased to be the first of many testimonials to come.
I met Clayton earlier this year. Since then it has always been a pleasure to meet him intermittently. He is extremely professional and passionate about providing an outstanding service. Clayton is definitely someone to do business with.

J. McCalla | Sapere Aude UK Ltd

PRMS Ltd have been an invaluable help. Clayton is a brilliant character, I've known him about 3 years and he's provided an excellent service. Anyone out there, experiencing slowing payments, the run around etc., I would definitely recommend you give Clayton a call and get it sorted out sooner, rather than later. If the credit crunch really starts to bite, if you leave it too long to collect an outstanding debt, you may very well start to find that that business is no longer in existence.

Lisa Newton | Boogles Ltd

“I have known Clayton for many years and he is an expert in his field. His knowledge in his area is second to none and his ability to think out of the box at times is also a bonus for the type of work as a debt collector he is in. He is an honourable fellow, very professional with high standards and work ethics as well as having integrity and charm

Colette Morris | CarbonCopyPro

“Clayton is a rarity in his chosen field of expertise, an ethical debt collector. He is very good at making his skills accessible to a wide audience, and yet injecting his legalese and expertise exactly when he needs to. It was a pleasure to meet with Clayton, who also knows very clearly where his boundaries are, but also how to look outside the box. He will, I'm sure, spot other opportunities soon where he can bring his skills to bear.”

Peter Jones | LION Blue Oyster Leading Edge Solutions

“The amazing Mr Coke”

Dr M. G. H.

I met Clayton from PRMS at a Meet&Link networking event and asked him to help me recover a debt that was owed to me since December 2007. A letter before action was sent and the debt was recovered within 2 weeks without having to take any legal action. Throughout the process Clayton was patient and persistent until he got the desired result. He was able to reassure me that I would get my money and that he would make sure of that.

I am grateful for his help and will not hesitate to recommend him. In fact, I already recommended him to a friend of mine.

Nitzan | London

“I was lucky enough to bump into Clayton at a networking event where he provided me with some very helpful advice.  Unfortunately things did not progress as I had hoped and I engaged his services to persuade a very tricky client pay an outstanding invoice.  Clayton was professional and prompt with all his communications, as you would expect, but what really impressed me was the way he handled this individual on a telephone call, where he explained the situation to them calmly so that they fully understood it and the potential consequences.  Somehow he managed to convince my previously tricky client of what was the best option and I was paid shortly afterwards.  I’ve already recommended Clayton to a contact and will not hesitate to do so again.” 

Mike Robinson |  London Copywriter

 "I'm fortunate that my clients have always paid promptly - so, when faced with a new client who faffed around with her bill, I turned to Clayton for advice. Two weeks later the money was in my bank! Clayton dealt with the matter politely, professionally and with his usual charm. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any business who doesn't have the time or inclination to chase outstanding debts. Thanks Clayton!!"

Renée Wallen | Imaginative Training and Development Ltd

"Clayton and his team got us a great result and helped convert a very doubtful debt back into hard cash. His advice was spot on. You must hire him to help you mange your debtors and they issues they create. And bring the fun back into running a business"

David Gordon | DG Law

“I recently had to hire Clayton to recover an outstanding debt. What gave me confidence was the information on the website which said 'No amount was too small to recover'. Clayton took me through the process and reassured me every step of the way the matter would be resolved - and it was in record time. I can't recommend him and PRMS Ltd highly enough.”

Viv Oyolu | Audio Byte

Clayton has been a guest speaker for me at some of Business networking events in London, on each occasion his talk was about the problems we can all face in business with recovering debts from your clients. This is an area in business that no one likes to discuss in public, however he explained a clear define course of action that helps everyone in business to understand. I fully recommend Clayton's business ethics and would advise anyone seeking advice to contact him.

Jim Hewitt | Speed Networking Events Ltd & Engage In Ltd

I cannot recommend Clayton and PRMS highly enough. I contacted Clayton to help me recover a debt from an extremely contentious client who was determined not to pay his bill. At the outset, Clayton assured me that “if there is money in the company we will find a way to extract it” and he continued to provide reassurance and answers to all my (many) questions throughout the process of recovering the debt.

When it became necessary to go to court (the client defended the claim and counter-sued!) Clayton guided me through the process and presented a watertight case to the judge, who decided in our favour and dismissed the client’s counterclaim. Two weeks later the money was in my bank account! If you have a client who is refusing to pay their bill, do not hesitate to hire Clayton – as long as they’ve got the money he will, indeed, “find a way to extract it.”

Emily Hill | CEO & Founder at Write My Site

Fantastic service. Fast, effective and professional. Will be recommending Clayton and PRMS Ltd to all of my associates for debt recovery services

Benjamin J Daly | Founder at Homes 2 Love Ltd

I recently had to hire Clayton to recover an outstanding debt. He is able to get results and his advice was spot on so I cannot recommend PRMS highly enough.

Steve Phillips | Preferred Choice Ltd

Clayton M Coke recently spoke at my event ‘Boosng Britsh BME Business’ in honour of Black History month. What he doesn’t know about finance isn’t worth knowing. Clayton’s style is apporachable and his knowledge is unparralleled. His talk was very well received by the delegates and I look forward to working more with him in the future.

Sharniya Ferdinand | Business Growth Enabler | North London | Nat West

Clayton very swiftly and efficiently collected a long outstanding debt from a client (who had ignored our various encouragements including our voluntary offer to accept instalments). A very successful recovery and we are happy to use the firm again and to recommend them. Many thanks.

Marie Huntley | Principal of Huntley Legal